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At Mitchell Services, our goal is to protect people and structures from mosquitoes, termites and wildlife but that's not all we do. We also are passionate about sharing what we know about these pests and our industry. Read the latest blog posts to learn more about the pests that call our region home, how you can prevent them and of course, how our inspection and control services can help you.

How to Help Mosquito Bites Heal Faster

How to Help Mosquito Bites Heal Faster

September 2, 2015

If you spend time outdoors during the summer it is inevitable that at some time or another a mosquito or in reality a lot of mosquitoes will choose you to “bite” and feed on. Mosquitoes are a species of insect that can drive an outdoor party or event inside quicker…

Request A Free Inspection Today

Request A Free Inspection Today

August 20, 2015

"Nothing in life is free." Sound familiar? Of course it does. You've only heard it countless times--usually as a warning from your grandparents. But, your grandparents aren't really saying: "Nothing in life is free" Anyone who has ever eaten finger sandwiches at a wedding knows that isn't true. Mmmm...finger sandwiches.…

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