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Attention realtors - we're here to help you protect your clients!

Congrats, you just helped your clients find the home of their dreams! The contract is signed, they're happy, you're happy but there's still work to be done. Partner with Mitchell and we'll get to work on that real estate inspection that is oh so very important. Just follow the link below to order one today.


Unless you're Snow White, you probably don't want wild animal friends

You've probably seen the movie a time or two (especially if you have young kids running around) to realize just how much Snow White adored her furry animal friends. In real life, it's a bit different. Wildlife are not cute and cuddly, they are annoying, destructive and potentially dangerous. Available in Arlington, D.C. and the DMV region, Mitchell's wildlife control services will help you evict unwanted critters and keep them out.


"I love termites," said no homeowner ever.

And with good reason. Termites are destructive pests that attack homes in the DMV region. Why you ask? Termites feed on cellulose, which is what wood is made of. Unfortunately your home has plenty of cellulose to offer termite colonies. Find out how Mitchell's termite control services destroys these insects and stops the termite damage.




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